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Testimonials For: Gregg Grant

Gregg Grant knows the market and the details of the business. He is approachable and easy to work with but knows when to draw the line in getting the deal done. His experience made a complicated deal go smoothly. ~ Kent Brown

Hi Gregg. Thank you so much for yummie cookies and all your help and advice in getting my house sold. You're awesome and it was a pleasure to work with you. Take care. ~ Myletta McDonald

"I used CENTURY 21 to buy my home. I knew Gregg Grant was a very experienced broker. I wanted the best agent/broker in Crestline, Which I chose. Gregg was always on top of everything. Time line was one of his strong points, Gregg kept everyone in line. He always kept me informed of every detail, either by email or phone. I would recommend Gregg Grant to anyone who is serious in selling their home." ~ Linda De Young

"Gregg was the listing agent for the sellers of our home when we purchased it 23 years ago. Over time, we came to appreciate that he was proactive in the sale of mountain properties, having seen his real estate listings in his weekly photo ads in the Mountain News. There was no question or hesitation on our part that we would engage Gregg's services to help us sell our home. Gregg provided us with exceptional service, was always readily accessible, and helped guide us through what can often be a stressful and complex process. As our agent, Gregg was an aggressive and skillful advocate on our behalf and in the end achieved the best result for us! I would strongly recommend Gregg to anyone seeking to sell or purchase property in the Crestline area." ~ Charles Paul

Dear Gregg, I was just thinking of you when I got your nice card! Thank you!! After all those years of "marketing ads" received from you every now and then, finally, it's been quite a pleasure getting to meet you personally. Likewise, upon my return here in Pismo Beach, I've wanted to send you this lil' card, just to let you know how much I appreciate the considerate time you extended to me, despite the very short "notice" I gave you and the tight schedule you had that late afternoon of Sept. 12th. Though I feel it's now time for me to "let go" of my lil' cottage, I'm holding on to it for a lil' while more, hoping and wishing for a better market...for a lil' better return of my investments, for my children. I do love my lil' place and I do enjoy it everytime I go up there. I hope someday, sometime soon...the "right someone" will come along, fall in love with my lil' cottage and take care of it as I do for over 37 years now. I hope all is fine with you. Take care, stay healthy and happy. Again, thank you and here's wishing the best of all things and God's blessings: Good Life, Good Business for you always. ~ Sincerely, Norma

Just got the cookies, Gregg thanks :) I know it was a long sale but the 3rd time was the charm :). I will recommend you for sure to folks up the hill. Have a great summer. It feels very good to be debt free. ~ Mike

Gregg was fantastic while working with me on getting my home sold. He kept me informed of everything along the way. Honest, Friendly & Patient. Gave me ideas on what I needed to do, to help get it sold. If something was good or bad, what to improve or fix. Was always up to bat for me with potential buyer and other agents. His knowledge of the business and the area top notch! I will recommend Gregg to anyone I know in the need to buy or sell their next their next home. Thank you So much Gregg, I truly appreciate you and all you did for me :)    ~ Tristen Cook - Orange County

Overall Greg did a good job. ~ Phil Cabibi - Indio Ca.

Good job Gregg. We are so thankful for all your help, advice and hard work. ~ Jeff & Jenny Elliott

Great job, fast, professional and on point. ~ Richard Rohr, Lake Gregory.

Gregg Grant sold our house in three days. He works hard at making what can be a difficult and stressful experience as easy as possible. Any questions were answered asap. He coordinated all corrective work with contractors and kept me informed of all developments in the selling of my property. Friendly, professional and honest , I would not hesitate to recommend him when buying or selling real estate. ~ Robert Poeske.

Hi Gregg,
Please forgive me...I have been absolutely overwhelmed since having the yard sale last weekend!! We were so surprised to receive your sweet gift & I want to thank you for your kindness. I would definitely refer friends to you & in fact have already given your card to neighbors who are talking about finding a place in the mountains. Thx again for your excellent service. ~ Sandra & John

Hi Gregg,
Joy and I appreciate your "Thank You" note. For your information, the key factor in us choosing you was the fact that you sent an anniversary letter about the original home purchase every year since 1995. Given the prominence of Century 21 in Crestline, those letters were the decisive factor in giving you the first crack at selling the house. ~ Norman Meek

Dear Gregg,
Thank you for the great cookies. When I got them out of my mail box, they were hot, like coming out of the oven. Also, thank you for all of your help selling my house. It was a pleasure working with you. ~ Gloria Bamberg.

Dear Gregg & Lobo,
Thank you Lobo, for showing us the best realtor in teh world. Without you we would never have met your Daddy. You are a wonderful "sales-dog", and everyone should have a friend like you to help them!!! We hope to see you again when we come to Crestline.

Thank you Gregg for being so wonderful!! You made buying the cabin so easy and so much fun. You found the perfect place for us, and every step went so smoothly thanks to your expertise. We love our cabin and we are looking forward to spending many happy days there.

Thank you for the cookies!!! After 3 long days of driving back and forth to Crestline moving furniture, we arrivd home to discover this wonderful and delicious treat waiting for us. It was so perfect. You are so very kind! ~ Fred, Janet Eric, Ian, Kodiak & Pascal.
P.S. We knew you were an extra special person, Gregg, when Kodiak let you pet him. He never lets strangers do that!!!

Gregg, We received your thank you note and I most defiantly will refer sellers or buyers your way. Thanks again for your help and patience during this process. We have never sold a house before, but your help made it seem like an easy process. ~ Leo & Annette Gambrell

I am currently employed by a major aerospace company in the Capacity of a Supervisor in charge of approximately ninety percent of all computer engineered drawings plant wide. One of my duties that I take pride in, is in getting the job done correctly the first time and in the most efficient way possible. I instill these beliefs in my employees, thus making my organization one of the most cost productively efficient groups within my Company. With the responsibilities of the majority of engineering drawing here at the Company also comes the responsibility of making sure that I have the proper materials to get the job done. I also deal in many real estate projects outside of work. I treat these projects like my job. That is where Gregg Grant and the Century 21 Staff comes in.

Gregg Grant has been my real estate agent since 2002. I choose him over many of his fellow competitors because he gives me the best product for the best price. I want to make it clear, price was not the only issue. Gregg always displayed the utmost in integrity, professionalism and was always prompt in getting back to me on a needed basis. Gregg was very knowledgeable in the fact that he made me aware of different programs, locations and rental options out there that I now use. Gregg also made it a point to let me know of great deals that could be used for rental property. This was exceptional. I truly regret that he is not working for our Company, mainly do to the fact of the quality and professionalism that I have grown accustomed to with Gregg. I truly believe that who ever is luckiest to deal with Gregg will not be disappointed.

Yours truly,
Thomas Wayne Vandiver, Supervisor
Major Aerospace Co., Long Beach, California 90846
Dear Gregg,
I just want to send you a somewhat belated "thank you" for your heroic efforts in selling my house in optimal time in spite of "less than ideal" seasonal conditions, bank pressures, etc. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your extra efforts, the professional way in which you handled everything, and your weekly (or more often) communications that certainly helped decrease the stress levels on this end. I finally felt I could relax and that my property was in competent hands.

The sale made a decent dent in my debts, my business is starting to take hold (a department of Kaiser Permanente of the Northwest has become a client), and sky's are looking a little bluer (despite of the infamous Oregon rain, which, I might add, I don't mind at all). And I'm optimistic that one day, I'll be able to buy the little parcel of acreage I crave, with a small farmhouse, maybe some out buildings, and plenty of space for a small assortment of animals. So once again, what more can I say, but Thanks!
Anne Garvey
Dear Gregg,
Now that we are settled in, we have some spare time to catch up on some past due details, one of which is to thank you for all the extra help and service you gave us during our 120, 30 day escrow. Thanks for letting in all the GTE folk, etc and getting the "Board". We appreciate all the help and would recommend Century 21 San Moritz Realty to our friends.
Roger Sherwood

Hi Gregg,
I wanted to thank you also for your "above and beyond duty" help in buying our home, here is "Paradise". Your mom was also so very nice and helpful!! We love it up here, and find every visit that it is harder to go down the hill. We love the clock and have it upstairs in the hall for all to see.
Thanks - Marylou Sherwood
Dear Gregg,
Thank you very much for your package of dry fruits. Just want you to know, the appreciation is mutual.
Lewis Hsu
Dear Gregg,
We wanted to thank you for all that you did to make the sale of our home in Crestline a successful event for us. We wish you continuing success.
Grant & Ingrid Hoffmeister
Dear Gregg,
I wanted to give you something as a token of my appreciation, so, I made this for you out of pine needles from "my" property. I LOVE that I can say that! Thank you Gregg, for making my dream come true.
Very Sincerely
Frankie Schmidt
Dear Gregg,
Philip and I want you to know how truly happy we are that we chose you as our agent and Century 21 San Moritz Realty, to sell our home. You made the entire process go so smoothly. We really appreciated how you kept us up-to-date after showings and all the extra care that you gave us with letters and phone calls and the great ads you prepared. We found you to be an outstanding professional and a real and caring person that knows his trade and knows the community we all live in. We followed your internet suggestions about how to prepare our home for sale and left the rest up to you. You are great!! We are certain to come back for all of our real estate needs.
Thank you Gregg,
Philip & Mary Lindsey